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Project Overview

Camatta Lempens has, from its earliest days, drawn on the best available resources for its clients, with the expertise of the original and subsequent directors, solicitors and the use of counsel to optimise the benefits for its clients. Their website didn't reflect the professionalism of the Law firm and was hard to update and manage.

Wallstudios was commissioned to design and develop a website that reflected Camatta Lempens vision and standing in the community while enabling them to manage the content themselves. We designed and built a CMS based website that exhibits the "wow" factor they were looking for while maintaining a professional and classic feel. By refining their messaging and range of services, Camatta Lempens is positioned to appeal to current clientele while opening themselves to potential clients in new sectors.

Their new website has been very well received and this has opened up a whole new market place for them. Better organisation of content, clearer core navigation and site hierarchy, and simple improvements like increased type size, all make the site nicer for a wider variety of visitors. Contributors also benefit from the new tools, which allow them to easily enter data no matter where they are.


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Jquery
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps

Client Says

“The designers of Wallstudios did a brilliant job designing our firm’s new website. The design is professional and modern. For users it is self explanatory and user friendly. We were impressed by their friendly service, commitment to our needs and their overall professionalism.”

Camatta Lempens Lawyers
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