Design and develop a complete end to end journey from prospective member to post joining members services. Including a new website with their proprietary health strength calculator, Join now form which integrates with their CRM and their (HAMBS) Health Insurance backend. New mobile application and OMS (Online members services) website skinning.


A new WA startup (iSelf) looks to help Australian households take control of soaring health insurance costs.

In order to solve this problem, co-founder and CEO of WA startup iSelf Neale Wilson pondered the question: what if people better understood their own circumstances, could they then choose the best yet still afford hospital cover?

A rigorous process of literature and data review coupled with experimentation, iteration, and more experimentation was undertaken in developing iSelf’s calculator. The key was to identify and focus on the key factors that could predict the likeliness of hospitalisation, which then formed the basis of the calculator and iSelf’s Health insurance recommendations.

iSelf’s approach allows those in good health to make informed choices on their levels of excess in order to help manage their premium costs and health insurance affordability.

Working closely with iSelfs internal stakeholders we produced an end to end solution from prospects to members. Providing the applications to attract and keep their members.

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