Furniture Photography in Adelaide.

Professional Adelaide Photographer Matthew Wall of Wallstudios has been photographing localy made and imported furniture for well over 10 years.

Like any product photography, furniture photography is about enhancing your product through effective photography. Good imagery is important if not vital in helping your potential clients / consumers to make the decision to purchase your product over the competitions. It will drive inquiries from you catalogue or from your website into your showroom where your products can then speak for themselves.

Typically there are two types of furniture photography. The main one that you will see is contoured shots that can be used on a white or any other colour background. Contoured furniture photography is typically shot on a white background and later in post production, a clipping path is added to the final image.

These types of shots can be done either in Studio or on location depending on the space available to shoot and the size of the furniture.

The second style of furniture photography is location or set photography. This is where your furniture is shot in situ. So if its a bed it is shot in a bedroom with the rest of the furniture that you would associate with it. The same applies if it is office furniture. These hero shots help your consumers to visualise your products in their natural environment.

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