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"Content is king" was true in 2012 but in 2013 "Design is king". To stand out in 2013 you will need a well designed and functional website.

Last year there was a lot of talk in the industry about “content is king” in relation to SEO. Now that still holds true today. If your content is relevant and up to date you stand a much better chance of ranking well on Google and other search engines. But the realisation is that while content may still be an extremely important aspect of your website and its ability to get good search results. It is becoming more apparent that if you don't have a well designed and functional website that having that good content becomes less important. Visitors will turn away from your site and go to a competitor because they have grown accustomed to interacting with well designed and functional websites. Anything else is becoming less tolerated where previously it was the standard.

“Design is king!”

Today businesses and corporations recognise the importance of their website as a very powerful and relatively cost effective marketing tool. And with the down turn in the global economy businesses are starting to put more focus back on the local market. It is becoming more important to make your business stand out from the crowd. And as technology is ever evolving it is important to make sure your site is regularly updated from a design and functionality standpoint, not just your content.

When was the last time your site was given a facelift?
Or a complete redesign for that matter?

A well design and functional site will last about three years before it becomes out dated. If the site is regularly updated and enhanced then it will last a lot longer. In the same way that a car will last a lot longer and will continue to perform well if it is regularly serviced and maintained. If you get a new car and do nothing with it, it will not last as long and will in fact cost you more money as you will have to replace it sooner than you should have.

When was the last time you looked at your own site? When was the last it was updated?

  • Does your home page have “calls to actions”?
  • Does it reflect your business as it is today or how it was when you built it?
  • Does it utilise all of the functionality available to modern browsers?
  • Can you view it on an iPad or iPhone?
  • Does it represent your brand correctly?
  • Does your competition have functionality and features that you don’t have?
  • Does the design of your site look dated when compared to others?
  • Does your site fail to show new product lines or still feature out of date products?
  • Are users not staying on your site as long as they used to?
  • Are you seeing a drop in leads, contacts or sales through your web site?

Wallstudios has been successfully helping businesses stand out from the crowd for years. Working together with you we can assist in bringing your website up to modern standards in a cost effective and timely manner.

To stand out in 2013, contact our team to get your website design up-to-speed.

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Matthew Wall

Matthew Wall, Creative and Managing Director

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